Car radios suitable for Toyota. 2020 models

The Toyota car radio can convince with many great features. It offers excellent reception quality when playing songs or news, but can do more than just radio. Thanks to GPS navigation, you won’t get lost on the way to your destination and can choose the best route for your journey. The large touchscreen display is designed to be user-friendly and very easy to operate.

The equipment of a Toyota car radio includes a capacitive touch screen, which allows you to rotate, zoom, slide etc. of pictures and offers an especially easy handling. The Toyota car radio usually offers DAB+ support, which allows you to receive digital radio on your device via a DAB+ Plus adapter. As soon as the Toyota car radio is equipped with a CD / DVD player, you can add your favourite songs or audio books to the radio programme if you wish.

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Car radios suitable for VW. Models 2020

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Car radios suitable for BMW. 2020 models

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Car radio suitable for SEAT. 2020 models

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New generation of Android car radios

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VW Golf Car Stereo

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Installing a Car Stereo

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1DIN vs 2DIN Car Stereos: types, features and comparison

Today, it is difficult to imagine a modern car without an audio system whose main components are a car stereo or a receiver. The functionality of these devices has increased significantly over the past 10-15 years, which on one hand is good, but on the other hand, motorists have to make a very difficult choice. And to make life easier, we’ll tell you about 1-DIN and 2-DIN car stereos, their types, features and other important things every buyer should know.

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