Buy Car Radio DAB+ at a great price

Today, more and more car drivers want to replace the factory-fitted car radio with the new DAB+ car radio. Why?

What is the DAB+ car radio?

DAB stands for Digital Audio Broadcasting (DAB) and is a broadcasting system that offers superior sound quality than conventional FM/AM radio.

The digital transmissions from the car radio DAB contain more
information than conventional FM/AM transmissions. In addition the super-fast wavelength of around 220 MHz helps to improve the sound quality of both music and spoken word.

The DAB+ car radio is up to three times more efficient then transmitting, offers even more station choice and improved sound quality. In addition, with a DAB+ -system, there is less risk of the transmitter going off the air. It is possible to receive 10, 18 and even 24 station programmes on a single frequency. Furthermore, DAB+ allows you to receive additional data services such as traffic news, weather and headlines.

What advantages does DAB+ have compared to DAB?

The greater variety of programmes. The DAB+ car radio works according to a newer standard. With the DAB car radio, a programme is broadcast with 128 kilobits per second data speed. The DAB+ car radio transmits at only 80 kilobits per second! The listening impression does not suffer from this. It can even be improved.

More information. Thanks to more “space” for digital data, significantly more accurate information can be transmitted more quickly during inner-city traffic incidents. Various additional data that can be distracting are transmitted inaudibly with the programme.

Independent reception. With the DAB+ car radio, the stations that can be received via medium wave benefit. The DAB+ car radio improves the transmission and reception quality of the station regardless of the strength of the reception signal.

A good error correction. The DAB+ car radio automatically switches to ultra-short waves if the signal of the pre-selected station is quite weak.

Easy to use. The big advantage is that the DAB+ car radio is easier to use. FM car radios are usually equipped with the Radio Data System function. This function allows you to store stations as presets and select the appropriate station from between them without having to tune the radio. You cannot store many stations.

With a DAB+ car radio, switching to a different station is always possible at the touch of a button. There is no search function that could find the same station on different frequencies. All stations are in different reception quality. Car radio DAB+ also offers more visual information such as the name of the station, the programme, the DJ, the title and the artist.

Car radios DAB+ 2 DIN and car radios DAB+ 1 DIN are equipped with a wide range of functions. These functions include:

● Display High Definition
● Widescreen format
● Bluetooth Music
● Bluetooth hands-free function
● Integrated GPS navigation
● AM/FM RDS Radio Tuner
● USB connection
● MicroSD card slot
● Folder function
● Multiple languages to choose from
● Connections for rear view camera and steering wheel remote control

Car Radios DAB+ with Bluetooth

With Bluetooth function, you can connect the radio with your mobile phone very quickly. Through Bluetooth you can play music wirelessly, have a conversation, access several functions in the mobile phone. You don’t have to take your hands off the wheel.

Car Radios DAB+ with GPS-Navigation

This function helps you find the shortest and fastest way to the location. The internet connection does not matter here because the maps are already downloaded to the car radio.

Car radios DAB+ with USB connection

Thanks to USB connection, you can listen to your dear music several times. It is convenient to listen to the music via radio without taking out the USB memory.

Car Radios DAB+ with Rear View Camera

Almost all our models of car radios DAB+ have connections for rear view camera. The reversing system assists the driver and reduces the risk when reversing.

After purchasing a DAB+ car radio, you can look forward to full
entertainment. In our shop you can choose your favourite model of DAB+ car radio and enjoy the sounds and all advantages that DAB+car radio can offer you during your journeys.

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