Car radio 1 DIN:Your entertainment starts here!

Car radios 1 DIN, offered in the standard installation size (180 mm x 50 mm), play your picture, music or video data. Current photos, navigation with GPS, music, audio books or exciting films for your passengers embellish every long (and short) drive and turn your vehicle into an original entertainment talent. Most of our 1 DIN car radios are divided into the following categories:

  • Car Radio with Mp3
  • Car radio with USB connection
  • Car radio with CD/DVD receiver
  • Cheap Car Radios


On the back of the car radio 1 DIN you will find several connections for:

  • Rear cameras that help when reversing
  • Microphones for hands-free talking
  • GPS antennas
  • WiFi
  • Steering wheel remote control

The functions of 1 DIN car radios include:

  • Bluetooth hands-free and wireless music playback (e.g. Spotify via mobile phone)

Wireless control of audio output and hands-free calling is the main vector through which Bluetooth has arrived in our cars. The main advantage of Bluetooth in terms of convenience is that you don’t have to repeat the pairing process. When the Bluetooth function of both devices is turned on, the two should be paired automatically.

With Bluetooth function, you can connect the radio to your mobile phone very quickly. Bluetooth allows you to play music wirelessly, make a call, access several functions in the mobile phone. At the same time you do not have to take your hands off the handlebars. This function is also very convenient if the car is often used by two drivers.

● RDS radio tuner AM FM

RDS function stands for Radio Data System function. With this function, you can save stations as presets and select the appropriate station between them. In doing so, you do not have to tune the radio. The car radio can store additional information traffic reports, the name of a radio station, the programme, the DJ DJ, the title and the artist.

● Automatic station search (AMS)

The function automatically selects the best frequency for the set radio station. With this function, you can find and store several stations with a good frequency. Depending on the reception quality, the stations are re-sorted very often. The car radio 1 DIN automatically arranges a programme list.

● USB port for memory sticks (up to 64 GB)

With USB connection, you can listen to music in the car that you have stored on USB at home. You can pair the mobile phone with the car radio through the USB cable. By pairing, it is even worth charging the battery of the mobile phone! It is also possible to listen to the music on the radio without removing the USB memory.

● AUX IN connection on the front (3.5 mm jack)

The AUX connection is a communication connection. It helps the user to interact via audio signals. Road trips become a fascinating experience! The AUX cable played a big role in controlling the acoustic entertainment in our cars. AUX connection provides the best connection quality when the speaker and the device are connected. The connection via AUX cable is the best and cannot be interrupted by anything! The AUX connection is used to amplify and enhance audio signals. In order to be able to connect the devices via the AUX input, you need a suitable AUX cable.

● Remote control

Remote control means an electronic device. This device allows you to control another device over short to medium distances. With a console or through Bluetooth connection, you can very easily select the corresponding function of the car radio.

● Folder function

The function arranges the music on a CD or USB memory by alphabet. This makes the music quicker and easier to find.

● CD-Player

The CD player is an electronic device that plays audio CDs.
Today, you can find many loudspeakers of modern brands that can be connected to the device. But CDs also play an role in the music industry. The car radio 1 DIN with CD player plays numerous audio formats.

The car radio 1 DIN with CD player would be the right thing for you if you:

  • attach great importance to the quality of the music
  • want something tangible in their hands
  • are a lover of a certain type of music/music band

The car radio with an MP3 player only plays music in MP3 format. The sound quality of the MP3 format is not as good as that of the CD. CD players offer clearer sound than MP3 players. MP3 uses the lossy algorithm that deletes the less audible music content. As a result, the music quality is compromised.

The 1DIN car radio with CD player can play other formats as well as MP3 formats in addition to other formats. The 1DIN car radio with CD player has a beautiful cover, a modern booklet with playlist, lyrics and background information.

With a CD player, you get good sound quality when enjoying your favourite audio books. During the journey, audio books create a warm and beautiful atmosphere. Audio books help us to relax, think about think something positive and simply calm down.

Our 1DIN car radios with CD player play the following formats:
*Audio CD
*MP3 format/WMA format.
With CD player you can receive all radio stations in your area as well as insert your favourite CDs and enjoy the music.


This function helps you find the shortest and fastest way to the location. The Internet connection is not important here because the maps are already downloaded to the car radio. The sounds of the navigation system do not interrupt the music. The maps are displayed on touchscreen monitors in sizes of up to ten inches diagonally. The cockpit display also shows various information, e.g. GPS information and speed.

A huge advantage of the 1 DIN car radio with Navigation System is the better integration into the car.

● DVD player

With a DVD player in the dashboard you can play interesting films and videos for the passengers. The 1 DIN car radio with DVD player has a touchscreen display, which makes it easy and convenient to use. One of the biggest advantages of the 1DIN car radio with DVD is the large storage capacity that DVDs have. It is possible to store an entire film and much more on one DVD.

● Connections for rear view camera and steering wheel remote control

The reversing camera is one of the modern reversing functions in the car. While reversing, a surveillance camera is a great help. With a mini camera, you can keep an eye on obstacles, people people or animals in the area of your vehicle. The camera is usually in a special licence plate holder. The lenses provide you with a wide angle range of 120 degrees.

A reversing camera is very necessary when parking. But the additional display is very distracting in the car. The 1 DIN car radio with an input for the signal of the reversing camera shows the picture on the display of the car radio. All models with this function aim to keep the blind spot on the vehicle as small as possible.

In any case, the 1 DIN car radio will bring you fun on the road. With us you will find affordable models of car radios 1DIN with the most modern functions. We want to make your journey even more wonderful and exciting. We guarantee – you will not be disappointed!

One of our 1DIN Car radio models – XOMAX XM-DA775

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