Car radio suitable for SEAT. 2020 models

The car radios for Seat vehicles have a CAN bus (Controller Area Network) connection, which makes steering wheel remote control possible without further wiring. Seat car radios are delivered with the matching installation frame as soon as your car appears in the list of compatible vehicles in the product description. Seat car radios offer many great features that make every journey an experience. Music lovers would be delighted with the AM / FM car radio. Many models are equipped with the RDS function. With this function, perfect reception can be guaranteed, because the Seat car radio automatically switches to other available frequencies of the same station in case of noise or other signal interference.

Many Seat car radios are equipped with DAB / DAB + digital radio. Digital radio offers several advantages – display of the title and artist as well as a much greater variety of stations. Not only current music, but also the latest news are present via car radio: So you get the information about possible traffic jams or emergencies on your route. If a change from the radio is desired, devices such as mobile phone, tablet or MP3 player can be connected to the Seat car radio via USB or AUX-IN. In this case, video files and films can also be played. Although the driver can only enjoy the modern large-format HD monitors during breaks, the video function is also available to the passengers in the rear seat while driving. If children are travelling, it can make the journey more varied and relaxed.

Data transfer via Bluetooth is also conceivable – whether music, films or audio books. The Bluetooth function also helps the driver to make hands-free calls while driving, so that the mobile phone is not picked up and the call can be made via the Seat car radio. The usual phone functions of the mobile phone – last dialed numbers, missed calls and similar are also available via Bluetooth. For less distraction while driving, the dimming function can also be activated – the display can be quickly switched off, for example, if it is to dazzle.

Many Seat car radios also offer a parking sensor connection and connections for a rear view camera. If you want the corresponding functions, you should take a look at the product description – all the functions of Seat car radios are shown there.

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