Car radio with Navigation system

Which car radio can not only play the music but also has the GPS function? That’s right, it’s the car radio with navigation!

What is the navigation system?

The navigation system is a technical system that uses information to determine a route to a specific location.

After the destination has been entered, the GPS system searches for the fastest and shortest route. If the driver chooses a different route due to unforeseen circumstances, another marching route is found automatically.

Car Radios 1 DIN and 2 DIN with Navi

In the case of car radios with navigation, navigation in double DIN format is carried out via built-in GPS technology. All of our 2 DIN car radios and some of our 1 DIN car radios have integrated GPS maps. The maps are displayed on touchscreen monitors in sizes of up to ten inches diagonally. Navigation instructions are displayed in addition to the device screen in the vehicle’s cockpit display.

The mobile phone is accessed via Bluetooth. Also on the back of the car radios with navigation there are numerous connections: for rear cameras that help when reversing,
microphones for hands-free talking, GPS antennas, WiFi, additional amplifiers, the steering wheel remote control.

The parking assistant is a great help to the driver when reversing and parking. This function helps you to see obstacles that you cannot see in the side mirror.

WiFi connection makes it very easy to update GPS maps. Among other things, the driving speed is also determined. The police are not the only ones interested in such data; it would also be very important for insurance companies.

A huge advantage of the car radio with navigation system is the better integration into the car. The devices with numerous sensors and driver assistance systems are connected in the vehicle and integrated into the the cockpit operating concept.

The signal of a car radio with GPS is more stable than that of a smartphone or a portable navigation system. Better reception is provided by the car’s built-in antennas. In case of poor reception in tunnels and on underground parking decks, the built-in navigation system can determine the position of the car according to the data from the speedometer and position sensors.

In the cockpit display, various additional information is shown, e.g. GPS information, driving speed. This data warns you of excessive speed and guarantees you a good and safe journey.

The sounds of the navigation system do not interrupt the music. The music is turned down a little when there is important information to be transmitted by the navigation system. The included car radio with navi makes it easier to operate the radio, because you only focus on one device. In this way, you are more attentive because everything is within reach at a certain place.

The use of a car radio with navigation system saves costs because the necessary computing power is already available.

With our reliable car radio with navigation system, you’ll always arrive safe and relaxed. Whether you’re driving to work in the morning or taking a road trip with friends, we have the right car radio with navigation system for everyone. With driver assistance features, you’ll reach your destination even more stress-free!

One of our car radio models with navigation system XOMAX XM-DN776

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