Car radios suitable for BMW. 2020 models

Like all vehicle-specific models, the BMW car radio includes a CAN bus connection (Controller Area Network), so that steering wheel remote control is immediately possible without any further ado. Please note the list of compatible vehicles: the models listed are supplied with the matching frame. All you need to do is connect the car radio and you’re ready to use it.

Particularly high-quality BMW car radios have an integrated navigation system, including maps for Europe. Many car radio models are equipped with the Android system, which means you can download games and apps to your device as usual. For example, games, music or films can be downloaded and played on the car radio screen. You can expand the existing map material by downloading Google Maps and using the app as a navigation aid on the road.

Most screens have touch screen function and are therefore particularly easy and intuitive to use. An additional Bluetooth function allows you to play audio files from your mobile phone on the car radio. Bluetooth also enables hands-free operation or hands-free telephoning at the wheel. In order to be able to use the phone function of the mobile phone as usual, a transfer from the phone book is also possible, i.e. you have access to the dialled and saved phone numbers on the car radio via Bluetooth.

With an extra USB port you can charge your mobile phone / tablet and other devices or play music and video files on the large car radio screen. Even if the device can do more than just radio, you can enjoy multiple radio stations with AM / FM radio or with the digital radio DAB / DAB+ (Digital Audio Broadcasting). With these radio systems you can expect good interference immunity and a greater variety of stations. The built-in radio data system RDS (Radio Data System) ensures that the device switches to alternative frequencies with better reception of the same radio station in case of noise without distracting the driver. To avoid distracting the driver, most car radio models also feature the so-called dimming function – this allows the car radio to be switched off while on the move so that the display is not dazzled.

Please refer to the product information for the individual BMW car radio models – there you will find all the features the selected device has to offer.

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