Car radios suitable for Mercedes. Models 2020

Like all car specific models in our shop, the Mercedes car radio includes a CAN bus connector (Controller Area Network), i.e. a specific Mercedes connector including a suitable Canbus adapter. This connection allows an uncomplicated setup of steering wheel remote control. Furthermore, a radio remote control is often included in the scope of delivery: it is ergonomically designed and offers a fast and safe handling. In most Mercedes car radios a navigation system is integrated.

The Europe map material is stored in the navigation system. A GPS antenna is also available on most models. This will guide you safely to your destination, even outside Europe. The Europe map material contains information for about 50 countries, including Bulgaria, Iceland, Monaco and Vatican. The corresponding software is usually on a MicroSD card. This is then already in the GPS slot. The dual mode function is particularly practical for traveling with family or friends – it allows the simultaneous use of two different car radio functions, for example, the navigation can be displayed in the front, while in the rear seats with additional monitors movies, videos or music can be played. Music and video or movie playback is also possible via USB slot or Bluetooth. An AV input is also often available to play files from MP3 players, mobile phones or tablets.

With Bluetooth you can make calls while driving thanks to the hands-free function with phone book function.

A Mercedes car radio generally has a large touch screen in HD quality, so you don’t have to sacrifice quality when playing movies or music files. You can also set different wallpapers.

Many Mercedes car radios offer a special feature in the form of a built-in CD and DVD player – this is particularly useful if you like to listen to your favourite music on the road or watch a film for your children. Just as well it is conceivable to access audio books during longer car journeys, either for entertainment or learning purposes. However, there is a lot of music and variety on the radio – there are many stations available on different frequencies. The intelligent RDS system ensures that the device switches to the same station on a different frequency when the noise is heard, without the driver having to be distracted and intervene.

All in all, the Mercedes car radio offers a modern entertainment and information system for on the road at an excellent price-performance ratio. Please note the lists of compatible vehicles when ordering – if your car model is on the list, the Mercedes car radio will be delivered with the matching installation frame.

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