Car radios suitable for Toyota. 2020 models

The Toyota car radio can convince with many great features. It offers excellent reception quality when playing songs or news, but can do more than just radio. Thanks to GPS navigation, you won’t get lost on the way to your destination and can choose the best route for your journey. The large touchscreen display is designed to be user-friendly and very easy to operate.

The equipment of a Toyota car radio includes a capacitive touch screen, which allows you to rotate, zoom, slide etc. of pictures and offers an especially easy handling. The Toyota car radio usually offers DAB+ support, which allows you to receive digital radio on your device via a DAB+ Plus adapter. As soon as the Toyota car radio is equipped with a CD / DVD player, you can add your favourite songs or audio books to the radio programme if you wish.

The Toyota car radio generally also has a subwoofer output, so you can benefit from very good sound quality. For longer journeys, you can also watch movies or videos in HD quality during breaks. The Screen Mirroring function allows you to transfer screen content from your smartphone to the screen of the Toyota car radio. This function is only supported by smartphones that have a USB debugging function. This is the case with most Android phones and iPhone 5 and above. Important: The screen of an iPhone 4 can also be mirrored, but without sound transmission.

The music playback can alternatively be done via Bluetooth connection from the smartphone with Toyota car radio. Since the car radio usually has a USB port, you can also play music from an MP3 player, tablet or mobile phone. Furthermore, most car radios have an AUX audio or video input as well as a video output (AV-OUT) and an audio output (AV-OUT).

The lighting colour of most Toyota car radios can be adjusted and changed according to your mood. If you want to use a camera to protect yourself when parking, the Toyota car radio offers a rear camera or front camera input to which you can connect the appropriate devices. A special highlight is the built-in Android system – it offers you the functions that you already know well from your smartphone or tablet: You can easily download your favourite games, music or apps and use them as usual. For example, you can use Google Maps to determine a driving route. The Android system also allows you to use the Internet via a Wlan connection. Please note the costs for WLAN connection, which apply in your tariff. There may be additional costs due to internet use.

A Toyota car radio already has the CAN Bus (Controller Area Network) connector built in, which means you can easily connect a steering wheel remote control and use it to operate the car. Please check the list of compatible vehicles: the listed Toyota models are delivered with the matching frame.

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