Car radios suitable for VW. Models 2020

The vehicle-specific VW car radios have a CAN bus connection (Controller Area Network). This allows a steering wheel remote control without the need for further connections. If your VW model is included in the list of compatible vehicles, the VW car radio will be delivered with the matching frame. This makes things a lot easier – all you have to do is connect the device correctly and it is ready for use. Car radios with a USB port or AUX IN input offer another advantage. You can use the connectors to play audio and video files from MP3-player, IPod or Smartphone as well as to charge various gadgets.

If you want to reach your destination safely and quickly, you need a high-quality navigation system. Many VW car radios have integrated navigation systems with map material for Europe. An extra GPS antenna (“Global Positioning System”) is used to improve the reception quality of the signal and offers additional advantages in this way. If the journey continues outside Europe, you can also download navigation apps such as Google Maps from VW car radios with Android system. Games, music and films are also available as apps or online. Films, music or games can provide entertainment during longer journeys. Please note that W-LAN connection via your internet provider may incur additional costs. The operation of a VW car radio is usually intuitively possible via large touchscreen monitors.

The Bluetooth function can also provide variety while driving. This function can be used to play audio files (music or audio books) but also videos from the mobile phone on the car radio. The hands-free function or the possibility of making hands-free calls at the wheel without having to pick up the mobile phone (which would be an administrative offence) is particularly useful for longer journeys. The Bluetooth hands-free function also allows you to use the phone book, i.e. you can access the phone numbers dialled and stored.

If you like listening to the radio on the road, you will really enjoy listening to it with VW car radio – most models receive radio stations via AM / FM frequencies or via the newer digital radio DAB / DAB+ (Digital Audio Broadcasting). In any case, you can be sure of good interference resistance and a wide range of stations. However, if the signal is interrupted, the built-in RDS radio data system (Radio Data System) ensures automatic switching to alternative frequencies of the same radio station with better reception. As soon as you are in the picture, which functions your new VW car radio should absolutely have, you can search for suitable models in our shop. You will find all necessary information in the carefully compiled product descriptions.

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