New generation of Android car radios

Google’s Android is the world’s most popular operating system that controls not only smartphones, but also laptops, tablets, televisions, smart watches and even refrigerators. No wonder Android is also used in car radios.

What kind of car radio is Android? If you have Android as your operating system, it means that your device is powerful enough. Furthermore, this operating system offers the following advantages:

  • provides easy access to all functions of the device;
  • ensures fast and correct operation of the car radio;
  • allows you to download additional apps from the Google Play Store;
  • Google synchronization between all your Android devices.

In other words, Android devices are characterized by their many possibilities.

Note that different modern devices can run different versions of the Android platform. The most common versions are:

  • Android 5 – Today this operating system is outdated and could soon disappear;
  • Android 6, 7, 8 – this operating system is not new either, but can still be found in many devices as it does not require very powerful hardware and is fast enough and supported by all modern applications for Android;
  • Android 10 – until recently it was the latest version of the operating system from Google. One of the most striking new features of Android 7 is the first-class multitasking as well as other features, especially for app developers.

Google has recently released a new version of its operating system – Android 11, and therefore it will soon be equipped car stereos with this system. But it must be said that for car drivers, there are no big differences between the versions of Android, because a car radio is not a smartphone after all.

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